Ariara Island – paradise in the Philippines
Tears were shed on departure from this incredible private island

Ariara, a tiny speck of an island in the Palawan region of the Philippines, is starting to get some worldwide notice. An article in the Sunday Times named it one of the world’s top-10 private islands, something I’m pretty excited about since I was one of the first writers to visit the place!

I had the opportunity to go here recently on assignment for Private Homes & Villas. This is a true paradise with wonderful people involved, too.

Among Ariara’s many highlights:
– 600 metres white sandy beach
– 200 metres of protected reef surrounding the island
– 8 separate villas along the beachfront, each with their own luxury indoor/outdoor bathrooms
– loads of activities including luxury cruising with its own 100ft yacht, diving, fishing, hiking
– gourmet food galore
– 25+ staff catering to your every need including 2 divemasters!

If you’re a rock star, royal or someone looking to splash out in a big way, I’d highly recommend Ariara Island!

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